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There are lots of Ugg Boot brands - Why Wear UGG® Australia?

UGG® Australia are the authentic UGG Boots that the celebrities wear and have become so popular that the phrase 'ugg boots' has become synonymous with the brand. Besides that there are many specific reasons to buy the UGG® Australia brand only:

  •  UGG® Australia offer the very highest quality UGGs;
  •  They have solid heels that do not buckle;
  •  Genuine sheepskin layer keeps water out;
  •  Lavish, thick fleece is toasty but breathable;
  •  These boots will last years - you get what you pay for;
  •  They are treated to be more resilient to odour throughout their lifetime.

UGG® Australia also offer a sheepskin care kit to prolong the life of your boots.

Wearing UGG® Australia for just a day, you'll see they're worth every penny over the other makes.

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